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The Music Is Taboo

The Music Is Taboo is no longer available as a download. I had an email from the hosting website that someone had alleged a copyright infringement! It’s hard to believe since Brian and I have copyright of the songs. Can’t imagine who complained; anybody have any ideas?

Melvyn (of Melvyn’s Repose fame) found this recording he made back in 1981 when John Peel played Spratts Medium on his Top Gear show!



More on Locked Groove

Wikipedia has an entry entitled Unusual Types of Gramaphone Records and Songs For Swinging Larvae gets a mention:

“On the Ralph Records release Songs for Swinging Larvae by Renaldo and the Loaf, the last song on side one continues into the inner spiral and into the inner groove with a loop of a male voice providing a spoken percussion effect of “boom boom crash crash,” which, however, when it reaches the inner groove is not strictly in the same 4/4 rhythm, being more in 5/8 (“boom boom crash crash [crash]“) This motif reappears (in strict 4/4 rhythm again) in the lead-in groove opening Side Two of the album, which then leads to the first selection on that side.”

Locked Groove

I came across this on YouTube today, 10 minutes of the lead out groove of side 1 of Songs for Swinging Larvae! With the new CD Honest Joe will move seamlessly into Ow Stew the Red Shoe.

OK, here are a couple of short extracts from Songs from the Surgery.

Token Nudity

A tape cut-up experiment. The eagle-eared may notice that the ending was recycled in the ending of N2O Going Under and other parts were recycled in The Kimbolton Gnome Song.

LDl2 + Untitled Vocal & Guitar Piece

LDl refers to Long Delay, there are 5 or 6  excerpts from long delay experiments on “Surgery”. This example is overlaid with one of my personal favourite discoveries, this untitled Voice & Guitar Piece.

Larvae cover












I’ve just discovered that Klanggalerie are taking pre-orders for Larvae, which  will be re-released at the end of October.

As stated previously, the release is a 2CD set consisting of Songs For Swinging Larvae and a second CD entitled Songs From The Surgery. Also included is a booklet with lyrics, notes and some rare images.

The Larvae disc has been remastered to remove some tape hiss and to improve volume levels; the differences are subtle, but worthwhile. Also,the transition between Honest Joe and Ow Stew The Red Shoe has been re-edited so that the “boom boom crash crash” lead out/intro is now seamless, as we’d originally intended.

But I suspect that most interest will focus on the second disc, Songs From The Surgery. The Surgery, aka Sneff’s Surgery, was where we recorded almost all of our material up to The Elbow Is Taboo. It should be pointed out that the music on Songs From The Surgery bears no relation to the promo cassette of the same name that we produced in 1980. Recorded around the same time as Larvae, the feel of “Surgery” is quite different. Hopefully, I’ll post a couple of mp3 tasters soon

Some kind person has uploaded the whole of Stuck Bad to YouTube!

Should you wish it can still be download here

Just found this review of Eigengrau at Flipside Reviews
Section 25:
Out 22nd July:
“In what has become a busy year for Blackpool’s revitalized daughters (and sons), Eigengrau follows 2013′s triumphant new studio album Dark Light, the accompanying Record Store Day 7″ My Outrage and a recent six-track 10″ EP Invicta Max, which featured a memorable remix of the unreleased Microgroove courtesy of Absolute Body Control.The same outfit have lent their remixing chops to this intriguing CD of remixes released on Austrian label Klanggalerie. The premise for the album is simple – the label already hold a candle to Section 25′s gritty post-punk/electro-wave output and argue that the band are revered in other circles including industrial and the avant-garde. Thus masters were duly dispatched to luminaries from said genres, fed through various studio mixing desks and programs and transferred into an imaginative, if not always convincing, artifact of new versions of ten different S25 favourites.

For my money, some of Eigengrau supersedes previous self-rerecorded/remix project Retrofit, primarily because these versions are so far from the originals, yet retain the band’s experimental trademarks. So Atomizer transform Girls Don’t Count into a throbbing club-banger, the Absolute Body Control name pops up again, this time on Beating Heart (possibly the best version since the original) and 7JK turn Desert into a funereal road-trip that works best with the lights off. Dust Orchestra actually turn out the best ever version of Inner Drive, morphing it into an unlikely tribal romp that sounds like it was powered by bodhrans or Kendo drummers.

The most notable amongst the remaining contributors include John Foxx’s Maths collaborator Benge with Cabaret Voltaire’s Stephen Mallinder (on the moody Looking From a Hilltop), 23 Skidoo offer a drum-heavy reworking of New Horizon while Portion Control keep things simple with their take on Dirty Disco. It’s also good to see the name Renaldo and the Loaf appear on something new, although I’m not sure their bizarre version of Girls Don’t Count was quite what its creators were banking on.

There are some misfires – Volcano The Bear completely miss the mark with their muddled reading of the otherwise lovely The Process, DDAA have stripped out all the warmth from Uberhymn and there are possibly two too many remixes of Desert for my liking. However, of the four on offer, Zoviet France just edge it ahead of 7JK.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of remix-albums but Eigengrau is a brave effort and doubles up as both a serviceable introduction to a band crying out for a new generation of admirers and a showcase for some smart remix work throughout. Wins all round, methinks.”


Well what did the reviewer expect from Renaldo and the Loaf? After all we have been weirdest band in the world!










Eigengrau, the section 25 remix album is now available from  Klanggalerie

Here’s a sample of the first couple of minutes of Renaldo and the Loaf’s Critical Remix of Girls Don’t Count.

Just heard from Walter at Klanggalerie that copies of  Eigengrau, the section 25 remix CD should be arriving very soon, so I’ll soon be posting up an mp3 of our remix of Girls Don’t Count.

Further to the piece on Brian’s interview for The Residents’ documentary, you can watch a trailer here and visit documentary makers’ website here


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