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Close To The Noise Floor

Cherry Red Records have announced they will be  releasing of Close To The Noise Floor – Formative UK Electronica – 1975-1984 on April 29 2016. This is a 4CD set, 61 tracks, covering the history of Electronica in the UK and includes Dying Inside by Renaldo and the Loaf, which first appeared on the Struve & Sneff cassette and subsequent vinyl and CD releases. More information on the Close To The Noise Floor Facebook page.

Klanggalerie have announced the reissue of The Elbow Is Taboo for February 2016.

ZeAn He Ar

Secret Records, run by our friend Vincent, erstwhile member of Logan 5 (who covered Dying Inside many years ago), is issuing a limited edition of 500 copies of Behind Closed Curtains on vinyl (300 copies on black vinyl and 200 on green vinyl). More details here plus the opportunity to back the project. It almost makes me want to buy a turntable!

In other news, we’re just putting the finishing touches to the reissue of The Elbow Is Taboo. As usual a double CD with a second Elbonus disc with some surprising ‘reimagined’ material. If you’ve ever wondered what the boy in The Bread Song did when he grew up………













Just heard from Klanggalerie that Arabic Yodelling is now in stock!

According to Walter at Klanggalerie it looks and sounds fantastic, the best reissue yet.













Klanggalerie’s reissue of Renaldo and the Loaf’s back catalogue continues with the release of Arabic Yodelling in May. As with previous releases it’s a double CD. The second CD is called Grain by Grain (for accuracy). Yodelling was the ‘difficult second album’. Unlike Larvae which was largely recorded before we knew that it would be released by Ralph Records, we started work on Yodelling knowing that it would be the follow up to Larvae. Whether that made us extra critical or not I don’t know, but it did take us a lot longer to record. What that did mean was that there was a LOT of material to listen to to make the selections included on Grain by Grain. Just as Songs From The Surgery presented a different picture to Songs For Swinging Larvae, so Grain by Grain compliments Arabic Yodelling. A lot of the music is instrumental, but there are some songs, including an alternative version of The Blowfly’s Dilemma and a song where, surprisingly, I take lead vocals!


Here’s a couple of excerpts:

For the first time in quite a while Renaldo and Ted have been occupying the same physical space for a few days. Lots of catching up, eating and drinking, but we also found time to listen to archive material from the time of Arabic Yodeling. We now have a pretty good idea what material will be included on the second CD with Arabic Yodeling, due to be released sometime this year.

A few snaps:




Renaldo, Bradley. Ted


Renaldo and Ted

Title in Limbo

Apparently Klanggalerie has nearly sold out of the first pressing of Title in Limbo. Fortunately I have some copies which you can buy here.

Some news

Apologies for the lack of new material on the blog over the past few months and the brevity of this post.

Renaldo and the Loaf play Struve and Sneff is now SOLD OUT, however I do have copies of Songs for Swinging Larve, details on Buy RATL CDs page.

Klanggalerie have now released The Residents/RATL – Title in Limbo and also Behind Closed Curtains/Tap Dancing in Slush

Atom Age Industries are now selling RATL t-shirts. 2 designs, one based on the original Olleh Olleh Rotcod cover picture, the other an excellent facsimilie of the original Swinging Larvae shirt.

Best wishes for the Solstice and a Happy New Year to all readers.



Title in Limbo

Interesting piece on Title in Limbo here scroll down the page.

It’s a pity that Title in Limbo is currently unavailable.

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